About Us

Heston and Ealing Wargamers was founded in 1972 and we are group of about a dozen people who meet every week to wargame.

For our purposes, Wargaming means 'Table Top Wargaming', playing games with model figures on a table decorated to resemble a battlefield. We however we occasionally play boardgames. We enjoy researching history, painting the models, devising strategies, the social atmosphere and visual effect of masses of colourful figures on the table.

We play a wide variety of games which by their nature often revolve around the 4 most popular wargame periods of Napoleonic, World War 2, Colonial and American Civil War. We are far from limited to these popular periods and we have played games that have covered the following eras, English Civil War, Seven Years War, American War of Independence, Medieval, Williamite Wars, Dark Ages, Ancients, Samurai, Sci Fi, and World War 1. We do not stick to land battles and have played a variety of Naval games (from all eras) to the popular Wings of War.

Across all of these periods we use all sorts of commercial and home made rules. For example for our Napoleonic games we have used Shako, General de Brigade, Napoleon’s Battles, In The Grand Manner and home grown rules.

As well as playing one-off games, we frequently run campaigns which everyone can take part in, giving the opportunity to build an army up over several battles and compare yourself to the great generals of the past.

There is no need to have an army, any figures or rules, just turn up - and the first games night is free!

Subscription charges are as follows for 2021;
First Night: Free
Games Per Night / Sunday: £5.00 (£2.00 Non-Employed)
Annual Membership: £60.00 (£30.00 Non-Employed)

West London Legion
Founded in the early 1980's we play mainly historical wargames and tend towards large multiplayer games covering a wide range of history, particularly the main periods like Napoleonic, AWI, ACW, various ancients and WWII.

West London Legion Fees for 2021;
First Night: Free
Non members Per Night £5.00 (unless hosting a game which will be free)
Optional Membership fee: £100.00 (In lieu of nightly fee and collected when funds run low for covering room booking)