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B of B: Polish Army (3)

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Some pictures of my Polish tanks (3 x FT-17s), Garford-Putilov armoured car, and Albatros DIII plane of the Kosciuszko Squadron, for Back of Beyond. These have been quick and easy to paint, using spray paints, then dry-brushed, with vehicle names or aircraft detailing by hand.

The four vehicles were from EBay (two tanks already constructed), while the plane was a cheap die-cast toy, allegedly a Baron von Richthofen Albatross DIII, repainted by me in appropriate colours, as I wasn't keen on making a kit. The aircraft is in 1:76 scale, rather than 28mm, but is on a telescopic rod.

I converted an 'HQ radio' turreted FT-17, already built on purchase, into an ordinary one, using a penny, blu-tack, and a matchstick for the main gun. One of the FT-17s I glued wrongly, with upside-down tracks. I decided not to disassemble. Not sure this matters much, however. The armoured car was meant to accommodate up to nine crew, as it has three MGs and a field gun. The model (ordered as '28mm scale') looks a little small for this, but seems to match the scale of Rob's vehicles for the Back of Beyond.

Next time: a final post with the whole army, including remaining infantry, support weapons, and artillery.



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