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Back of Beyond - Rob's Progress Update!

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Nearly all of my orders have arrived from various companies such as North Star (Copplestone) , Empress Miniatures, Siberia Miniatures, War Bases and Warlord. Just waiting on one from Brigade Games. I am working on two armies, a Bolshevik army and white Russian Army. The latter being smaller at this stage. I have now prepped my figures and made various models. Some of the models were a challenge to make as none of them came with assembly instructions. in particular the War Base Tachankas which were a real brain teaser!

My Bolshevik Army will comprise of 10 Infantry units - 12 figures strong each; 5 Ordinary Infantry units (2 in Greatcoats), 2 elite Infantry, 2 units of sailors and 1 unit unit of Siberian Rifles. These will be supported by 5 Lewis gunners, 3 Maxim MGs and 2 artillery pieces. I have 6 cavalry units (8 figures strong), one of which are Lancers. These will be supported by 2 Tachankas. The whole army will be supported by an armoured car (not sure the Austin I have acquired will fight for the Whites or Reds yet), a FT-17 Tank and a Nieuport 17 Fighter plane. My white Army will have 6 Infantry units (12 strong) including a dismounted Kuban Cossack unit supported by 4 Lewis gunners and 2 Maxim MGs and 2 Artillery guns. The White Cavalry has 4 units (8 Figures each) - all Cossacks. the Army will be supported by tank (MK IV - it really should be a MK V) and yet purchased armoured car and plane.

I could not resist getting a few more books on the period. This helps me get enthused about painting. I will start painting them soon in between my WW2 naval (1/3000 scale) and 20mm WW2 figures.



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