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Battle of Eylau 1807 - Christmas Game 2019

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Below are some pictures of a refight of the Battle of Eylau, which I put on at my house on Sunday 29 December 2019. Tim played Napoleon's French, while Phil played Bennigsen's Russians. We used my collection of 6mm figures from Heroics and Ros, and a version of my Coup de Grace rules.

The battle, fought partly in a snow storm in East Prussia, is most famous for the charge of 10,000 horsemen led by Marshal Murat, as well as artwork depicting Napoleon riding through the snow by Antoine-Jean Gros. While indecisive, it ranks as one of the bloodiest fought during the Napoleonic Wars (c. 20,000 casualties on each side), but was later followed up by a decisive victory for Napoleon at the Battle of Friedland.

Like Napoleon, Tim was outnumbered from the start, until he received reinforcements in the form of Davout's and Ney's corps, arriving on the right and left flanks respectively on turns five and six. Phil nailed himself to his ridge, and withstood Tim's frontal assaults by Soult's and Augereau's corps. Tim elected not to send in his reserve cavalry led by Murat. Phil had twice the artillery of Tim, which made his position formidable. Phil was also reinforced by Lestocq's Prussian corps on turn five.

By end of play, Tim had lost seven units and 75 additional casualties. Phil had lost one unit, and 35 additional casualties. Overall, then, a Russian victory.

Thanks to the guys for coming round for some Polish food before the game, and enjoying a fun way to pass the time between Christmas and New Year.



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