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Bunker Hill 17th June 1775 & the assault on Dorchester Heights - Part 2

On the Sunday after a lot of work by Philip, our host ,converted the Bunker Hill battle into the assault on Dorchester Heights. The US army was effectively arranged into 4 commands, Whitcomb who occupied the Roxbury Lines, Heath who was deployed close to Roxbury, Greene's command deployed in front of Dorchester and an off table reserve under Putnam. I took control of Heath's command for this game.

Greene's command moved forward to occupy the fortifications built on the Dorchester heights whilst I moved Heaths command to create a defensive position on our right flank at the edge of Dorchester. Whitcomb faced the British coming through the Charleston Neck. The British had 3 attacking commands it appeared. One moving up through the Charleston Neck, a large force which landed in front of the Dorchester Heights and a third landing by sea on the far right of the US positions. The US reserves were ordered to support Greene's command on the Dorchester heights.

My own troops tried to flank the British flanking attack on our far right but this was easily spotted by the British who moved into to attack my command. Greene's command occupied Dorchester Heights before the British reached them but took significant casualties from the British ships that supported their landing troops. Greene was also significantly out numbered. My own command was being short to pieces by 2 batteries of guns and some elite light infantry. Despite the support of Putnam troops, Greene's troops were overwhelmed by the British who took the Dorchester heights ending the game. A fantastic weekend of gaming and hats off to the British players who won both scenarios.


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