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D Day 6.6.2018

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

On 6th of June I played Juno Beach using Memoir 44 . I played German whilst old club members Dave and John played the allies (Canada).

It was an enjoyable game and John had worked hard painting the figures for the game. The first side to gain 13 Victory points wins.

As the German player I had to try and take out as many allied units as I could whilst denying the Allies control of the Beaches. I would receive 1 Victory point for each Allied unit destroyed and 1 temporary Victory Point for each section of the Beach I controlled- at the beginning of the game I controlled 3 Beach sections. My troops defending the Beaches had to hold out whilst I desperately tried to move up reinforcements from the middle and far end of the Map .

The Allies took a lot of casualties early on but managed to secure control of the Beaches helped by a Hobarts Funnies unit with a Petard destroying a troublesome German bunker. The Allies failed to construct a bridge across the La Seulles river (worth 2 Victory points for them) using another Hobarts Funnies unit as it was destroyed before it could do so. The Allies having gained control of the Beaches worth 6 Victory points in total ( destroying a number of German units to achieve this - each destroyed unit being worth one Victory point ) they then won the game by taking out a German Heavy gun unit with a barrage giving them the final two victory points they needed to reach a total of 13 .

The only downside to the game was that the Allies seemed able to secure enough Victory points to win without having to move far from the Beaches- they were a long way off from their Historical objective which as to take The Carpiquet Airfield (worth two Victory points).

I was going to attach some photos but I cannot get the site to download them


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