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D-Day Training Game

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

In preparation for my planned game over a weekend we had a training / trail session using the full board layout. I was pleased with the visual look of the game and most players enjoyed some of my vignettes of Germans in checkpoints, patrolling or drinking! Some pictures of the initial set up are included of the German set up and the initial allied invasion waves.

Some lessons learnt from the game - making sure my own rules are followed in terms of spotting, moving and sticking to unit orders. Some additional admin is required to assist the players in a smoother running game. For the Brits roster sheets and cut down data tables, orders of battle and layout of troops that will come onto the table to be split by beach designation (Queen Red or Queen White). In addition some tweaks to the home made rules on naval gun fire which was far too effective. Some home work to check on ammunition carried and loading times for the Churchill AVRE's.

I believe the day was enjoyed by all and some pictures of the end of the game with the landing of Wave 5. The weekend game will have 15 waves if we get that far.....


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