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Dastardly Daimyos

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

Phil put on a Samurai game last night at the community centre using part of his beautifully painted and extensive 15mm collection. The rules were Phil's own, and card driven.

Mal, Philip, Doug and I were feuding daimyos clashing in a river valley, each player having about seven units plus spare commanders and a screened-off enclosure.

Under the impression that Mal was on my side, I deployed my army and advanced on Doug's position, only to find myself raided by Mal's cavalry. This forced me to divert some units to protect my rear.

Fortunately, this treachery was punished when Mal lost two commanders in duels with some of my senior lords, and was forced to recross the river.

The rest of the game played out with Philip advancing on Mal, and Doug attacking me. I was unlucky with some poor hands of cards dealt: enabling Doug to destroy my cavalry.

Philip managed to inflict damage on Mal's army, despite Mal using his duelling tactic to good effect.

All in all, a fun encounter, with all concerned musing on the colourful Samurai period, among other topics.



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