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Dunkirk Little Ships

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

On Saturday 11.9.21 The Little ships which helped evacuate the British Army from Dunkirk passed through Staines with Veterans and Naval personnel on board , myself and Ann watched them go by while sitting outside the Thames side Brewery(close to Staines Bridge) drinking Cider whilst a young singer called Matt Kent standing on top of a Moored Barge Onionmusic sang the White Cliffs of Dover as each batch of boats went by. We think he was an American singer he was using his phone for the Lyrics , non the less he did a good performance. The Barge Onionmusic goes up and down the Thames stopping at various locations to give a small concert with an up and coming singer - he sang some of his own songs and other songs ending with Sweet Caroline as his barge slipped its moorings and headed up river.

I would like to have attached some photos taken on that day but they were too large for this site. However the Little ships gathered together again on Sunday 12.9.2021 at Penton Hook Lock and on this occasion I had my smaller camera with me. See a attached photos

Ships seen over both days included Wanda, Gay Venture, Tom Tit, Anne, Lady of Mann, RIISI, White Matlin and Janthea


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