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Eastern Renaissance - Polish vs Turks

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Phil was keen to get out his 28mm Eastern Renaissance figures (which are stunning) and give his new home made rules another workout. We had 3 commands aside with the Polish having a few brigades of their fabulous Winged Hussars. I have enclosed a few pictures of the set up.

Phil, Doug and Pat played the Polish whilst Theo and I played the Turks. I was on the Turkish left wing and was the receiving end of some great shooting by the Polish Light cavalry under the command of Pat and watched my Dellis (fanatical light cavalry) destroy themselves on the lances and pistols of the Polish Hussars.

Conversely Theo made significant progress on the Turkish right wing against the Cossacks . The centre was quiet to start with with the Poles trying to undertake a flanking attack on the the Turkish camp. Light cavalry screening some Polish hussars.

However these Hussars were drawn off their attack after the best Turkish cavalry, the Kapikulu Sipahi destroyed the Polish Pancerni cavalry opposite them in the centre. After lunch on the left wing my Siphai cavalry started to inflict casualties and the dice gods that had deserted me in the morning deserted Pat in the afternoon.

No obvious winner but a fun game. The new rules worked reasonably well with a few tweaks to come.



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