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Falaise Pocket (2mm WWII)

In August 1944 the Allied armies in France encircled and destroyed a large German force in the Battle of Falaise Pocket, Normandy.

Panorama of the key battle area

The table, with hill 262 ('the Mace') at bottom right

The Polish 1st Armoured Division (part of the Canadian 1st Army), led by General Stanisław Maczek, took heavy casualties closing the pocket - stopping retreating German armour at Chambois and hill 262, known as 'the Mace'.

Phil's Americans advance to trap the German columns

Mal's Canadians advance from Trun towards Doug's Germans

We re-fought the German escape attempt last night at the club, using my 2mm figures and Panzerleiter rules. Doug (Germans) faced off against Mal (Canadians), our guest player (Poles), and Phil (Americans).

A German column attacked by allied aircraft

Germans advancing on Chambois

Despite valiant efforts, and an enjoyable game, the Germans failed to clear the table. Allied air supremacy and converging ground forces successfully stymied the breakout attempt.

Polish Cromwell tanks face off against German armour at Chambois

Late in the game: Polish 1st Armoured Division arrayed near Chambois

Historically, the Allies suffered 10,000 casualties, whereas the Germans lost 10,000 killed and 50,000-100,000 captured, besides 500 tanks or assault guns. 20,000-50,000 Germans managed to escape.

Thanks to the players for turning out on a hot summer evening.

'Winged Hussars': Emblem of the Polish 1st Armoured Division


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