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Next Big Wargame Project - Sword Beach 6th June 1944 - Update 6

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Whilst we are staying at home this is giving me some more time (when I can hide from family) to make some progress on this project. I sincerely hope we are are all out of this by then.

I have now completed all 9 of the German Strong-points and barbed now added to each model. Represented are WN20 "Cod", WN 21 "trout", WN18 (not named by the allies), WN8 & WN 10- "Riva Bella" & "Casino", WN12 "Daimler", WN14 "Sole", WN16 "Morris", WN17 "Hilman" and the defences around Chateau de la Londe. as you will see I have gone for the Longest Day depiction of Casino and not the real thing which was a ground level bunker complex. It has given me an appreciation of the sheer effort the Germans made in creating the Atlantic Wall. This was my first attempt with modelling in foam etc and I am quite pleased with the results. Each sand bag was created individually using DAS clay which took a few evenings to add and paint. In addition I have now have constructed and painted over 350 beach obstacles to cover roughly 17 foot of beach.

All landing craft have now been painted. 6 LCTs, 2 LCI(s), 12 LCAs and 16 LCMs and 1 Landing craft Rocket. The first few waves of the Brits have now been painted. The DD tanks (featured in early blog) are done. To add to these I have completed, Hobart's Funnies - 77th and 79th Assault squadrons, The Royal Marine Armoured Support Battery, and The Beach group with its supporting weaponry. The First infantry Brigade is also completed along with its HQ and medics. I have also painted the 2 MMG companies that landed with the two infantry brigades

I have now started on the Germans which should not take too long. In the pictures are captured French and Skoda Artillery pieces and a few SP guns and AT guns. After the Germans, are the Stafordshire Yemonary Shermans, the second Infantry Brigade, three armoured artillery regiments, SP AT gun troops, and five Commandos to paint.....


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