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Next Big Wargame Project - Sword Beach 6th June 1944 - Update 8

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Progress to date. I have now completed the self propelled Artillery Regiments of the 3rd Infantry division, 7th Field Regiment (9th, 16th and 17th/43rd Field Batteries), 33rd Field Regiment (101st, 109th and 113th/114th Field batteries) and 76th Field Regiment (302nd, 303rd and 354th Field Batteries). Each Field Regiment is represented by 3 batteries of two Priest models and HQ platoon of a Dorchester ACV and Humber Scout Car. Each Regiment has 3 FOO's, one in a Sherman, one in a Carrier and the third on foot.

In addition I have painted the HQ of the 27th Armoured Brigade (2 Shermans, a Humber Scout Car, Dorchester ACV and a Bedford Radio truck) with a LAD detachment of a Cromwell ARV and M5 Halftrack with trailer. This will be joined by the Valentine Bridgelayer and 2 Flail tanks from 22nd Dragoons which were painted earlier.

The Beach group has the AA defences completed. They are 218th Battery, 73rd Light AA Regiment - represented by two Crusader 40mm Boffors which tow an additional 40mm Boffors gun and two 3.7" AA guns (our 88mm although rarely used in an AT role - I am sure Noel will change that) from 102nd Heavy AA regiment. Will the mighty Luftwaffe appear...

I have painted 2 more ambulances - to ensure there is one per brigade. One is an M5 halftrack and the other a Austin K2 ambulances using AB figures to load it. I am pleased with the result of the latter. A few additional medics have been painted to give one set per infantry battalion or Commando unit and some AB Military Police to get those vehicles moving off the beach and question German prisoners... (More rules to be added for them). I have also painted up some infantry suppression markers for each side.

To finish I have debased the next infantry Brigade, the M10s from 20th AT regiment, and the Shermans and support vehicles for the Staffordshire Yeomanry. These will get a slight re-touch in painting, an ink wash highlights and be re-based. There are a few other items I am working on to enhance the look of the game (such as road signs) as when we get together to play it.


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