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Next Big Wargame Project - Sword Beach D-Day 6th June 1944

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Following my large Vietnam game I was thinking about my next big game and I have always wanted to wargame one of the most famous battles of the Second World War - D-Day, Operation Overlord.

I have a collection of 20mm WW2 figures which I wanted to use and as a result using that scale I needed to focus on one beach to wargame. I was keen to use Hobart Funnies and with a Great Uncle that was involved in D-Day I wanted to do one of the British beaches. I finally chose Sword beach which as some iconic features, Casino, the Observation Tower and Bill Millen Lord Lovat's piper from the 1st Special Service Brigade. I have started to pull together what I have bought to date and look at what I need. I am going to try and aim to get this done for next June which will be challenging!

I will blog my progress as I go along. Pictures show the landing craft I currently have, being primed. The bunkers I have bought so far which will be included within the various strong points on the beach. I have also pulled out Wave 1 DD tanks 13/18th Hussars and Wave 2 Hobarts funnies from 22nd Dragoons and 77th & 79th Assault Squadrons RE.

I ma not sure which rules to use yet. Scale will be 1 model will represent 3/4 real vehicles. I figure will represent 10 men and this will be played on a 22'4" table by 6' 1". As ever Andy Grubb from Britannia has been a star in helping put together special pieces for this game already. Many of the figures, vehicles and bunkers come from his stable!


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