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On to Moscow!

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Here are some pictures of my cavalry units for Back of Beyond; part two of how my Polish army is progressing.

The lancers with blue-over-white pennants are the 4th Uhlans, a Polish army unit based in Lithuania, which had Napoleonic antecedents; these are Great War Miniatures' British WW1 lancers with Polish paint-job. The figures are a bit bigger than the Irregular Miniatures' castings I used for the remaining units, but it's not too noticeable.

Next up, the Don Cossacks - dressed in blue. There was some info on these online, and scenes of Don Cossacks in the Polish film 'Battle of Warsaw 1920' (2011) gave me some clues. I used the flag of the Don Cossack Republic, c. 1918 for the pennants, as no other sources were available.

The final two units were going to be Light Horse, but I ended up classing them as Mounted Rifles. One of these units was given tan uniforms and grey horses, the other khaki-green uniforms and tan horses.

A bit of 'Imaginations' liberty has been taken with these units, but they've been fun to paint and this is Back of Beyond, after all!

Next time: Polish armour and (1) aircraft!



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