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Planning to go to the "Back of Beyond"

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

The lack of gaming is very frustrating, but we are as a club staying in contact by email etc and more recently by Zoom. At our AGM we decided that the club would venture into the Back of Beyond a fascinating period of turmoil in Central Asia during and after the Russian Civil War between 1917 – 1922.

We have yet to decide on a rule set to use. It will be either Contemptible Little Armies (3rd edition) or Setting The East Ablaze. Each club member will either build or borrow a small army to engage in some large multiple player games that will multiple sides (I can foresee more than 2 sides in some games) with various objectives. If all goes well, I have promised myself that I will set up and run a campaign.

I have decided to build a Bolshevik and White Russian army to start with. I have ordered figures mainly from North Star / Copestone range. I have also acquired a few figures and flags from Siberia Miniatures and vehicles from Empress Miniatures and Warlord. The main bulk of my figures arrives tomorrow!

A big thank you to Nick Eyre of North Star has given the club a helping hand to get their armies.

There are numerous armies and factions to choose from and I am sure we will add in a few novel ones too. Some of the options are listed below

Afghan Army, American Army, Baron von Ungern-Sternberg's Asiatic Cavalry Division, Basmachis, Bolsheviks, British Indian Army, Central Asian Bandits, Chinese Chinghai Frontier Armies, Chinese Bandit, Chinese Warlords, Czech Legion, Dinosaurs Hunters, French Army, German Asia Korps, Japanese Army, Mongolian Tribesmen, Ngoloks, Polish army (1919), The “Army of God” (Led by Manabendra Nath Roy), Tibetans, Turkish Army & White Russians.

I have started to pull some out reference material and books to get me into the period. I will post updates on the progress of painting my armies in between re-basing and painting my WW2 collection where I have just finished a scaled down Stug Brigade and some Stug IVs.



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