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Shiloh in 6mm

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

On Friday 14 February 2020 I umpired a 6mm ACW game at the club.

Rob and Noel were on the Confederate side, and Doug and Phil on the Union side, as we refought the first day of the battle of Shiloh (6 April 1862), one of the classic engagements of the Western Theatre.

Historically, General A. S. Johnston led the Confederate Army of Mississippi in a surprise attack on the Union forces of the Army of the Tennessee under General U. S. Grant, encamped in woods off the Tennessee River.

Using my Beards and Bayonets rules, players had to dice for movement distances, and capture or hold 11 objectives, ranging from six Union camps, to terrain features like Shiloh church, the Hornet’s Nest, stream branches, and the riverside Pittsburg Landing.

Noel and Rob had the initiative for three turns, and made quick progress against the encamped Federals. They managed to take six objectives by game’s end. Meanwhile Phil and Doug retired back to their table edge, protecting their bridgehead at Pittsburg Landing. Phil in particular prepared a stout defensive position near the river.

The game was a marginal Confederate victory, though the bulk of Union forces retreated without major losses.


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