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Stones River (1862) - War Room Christmas game 2023

Below are some photos of this year's club Christmas game, painstakingly organised by Rob using his 15mm ACW figure collection and Brigade Fire & Fury rules.

A Confederate army led by Braxton Bragg (35,000) was assaulting a Union army under William Rosecrans (43,500) near Murfreesboro in Tennessee.

In a closely-fought battle historically, both commanders chose to attack their opponents with their respective left wings.

While Philip and Pete initially made good progress against a surprised and reeling Union right flank (Trevor and Richard), successive attacks whittled down the Confederate left, while allowing the Union army to withdraw to new defensive positions.

In the centre, Brian and I launched a supporting drive against the Union positions (Greg and Jack) and nearly broke through.

However, despite attacking all along the line, capturing a rocky outcrop, a hill beyond, and pushing a few Union units back, some of our units were halted by Union fire.

Our far right, perched on an isolated hill, was slowly whittled away by Federal artillery fire directed by Greg and Doug.

At the auspicious moment near the end of play, Doug launched an effective counter-attack with several brigades, which crumpled the Confederates' already weak right flank.

At this point, the Confederates had lost the equivalent of over 11,000 men, compared to over 7,000 Union casualties. The Rebs' left corps had already halted owing to insufficient strength, and the whole army was now spent and had been defeated.

The real battle was also a Union victory, though less decisive. Bragg surrounded Rosecrans' army, but had to withdraw a few days after a failed clinching assault near the 'Round Wood'.

An interesting scenario and a good game played in a jovial atmosphere. Thanks to Rob for organizing, setting up, lunch, and umpiring.

388th Idaho - hat-duelling, with fish...

Happy New Year!


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