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WWI Middle East

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

Phil umpired a clash between Turkish and British forces in 1917 Palestine at the club last night. Philip, Richard and Tim were on the British side, with Nick (our guest), Doug, Patrick and me on the Turkish side.

The rules were Phil’s own, previously used in a memorable French Foreign Legion game at Rob’s War Room, whereas the figures were 28mm and painted to Phil’s usual high standard.

The scenario saw the Turks holding strong defensive positions along a ridge, with the British, also deployed along a ridge, tasked with dislodging them.

Tim advanced with armoured cars on the British left, while Philip held the centre and right, with Richard preparing a mass assault on the Turkish lines using cover to good effect.

Artillery duels and machine gun fire dominated the game, with the British eventually gaining the advantage; not before Nick and Doug had repulsed attacks from the British right wing and centre.

The Turks held out for much of the game, nevertheless Richard successfully assaulted their (my) right flank near the end of play. While the Turks still held most of the ridge, the British were in a strong position to roll up their right – where they held local superiority.

Overall, an enjoyable evening’s play with which to kick off a new year of wargaming. Thanks to Phil for hosting, and we hope to see Nick again soon. Phil said he might put on a Lawrence of Arabia game sometime in the future.



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