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Armies on Parade: 1:72 American Civil War

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

This is the first in what may be a series of blog posts showcasing my wargames armies.

First up we have the completed 1:72 (20mm) plastic ACW armies I have been working on since Christmas 2019. As I mentioned last time, I bought many of these ready painted from my former work colleague, Dr. Jonathan Oates (check out his latest book: 'Battles of the Jacobite Rebellions' on Amazon). I bought some more painted figures to go with them on EBay. I repainted six Union infantry units, 13 Union cavalry units, and 88 gunners, as Rebs, using acrylics. I based the figures to fit movement trays, and glued sand onto the bases themselves, painting them in acrylics using a light green called Ogryn Camo from Games Workshop, drybrushed with white.

This collection is now finished, and consists of: Infantry: 29 Confederate units, 31 Union units, each of 18 figures Cavalry: 16 Confederate units, 16 Union units, each of 6 figures Artillery: I have 21 separately based guns, and enough 4-man guns teams (two bases of two figures per gun) for each side to field up to 21 pieces. Only a selection of guns and teams is shown in the photos that follow. Commanders: 12 per side

First up, the Confederates

20mm plastic figures have been fun to paint, and I reckon even a very basic paint job looks good, so I may be open to doing other periods in this scale. I intend to put on a game with these armies at the club using a retro set of rules, possibly the Airfix ACW ones, once we are back to normal.

In this time of no barbers, however, I am reduced to growing period-specific facial hair.

Best wishes,



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