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Festival of History 2018

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

On 3.6.2018 Royal Holloway University in Egham are putting on a FREE Festival of History.

They describe it as a" A day of re-enactment, family friendly activities, talks and performances, bringing history and the struggle for citizenship, liberty and democracy to life"

Reenactors include

Historia Normanis---- discover a 13th Century encampment talk with soldiers, knights and camp followers - watch knights demonstrate their combat skills.

Marquis of Winchesters Redcoats - come face to face with a Parliamentary regiment from the ECW- hear the sound of drums and muskets firing..

Royal Warwickshire Regiment - portray the life and times of the British soldier during the First World War.

Airmen and Munitionettes --- see a full size replica of a First World War biplane and hear crew tales of " Knights of the Air" and of the vital role played by munitionettes.

Suffrajitsu- Martial arts first came to Britain via the Suffragettes as self defence training -watch and learn self defence moves with Sue Kirk and her team of Edwardian martial artists.

Suffrage Fair --- Royal Hollowy History Society present stalls form the 1911 Womans Suffrage Fair


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